Vadnais Engineering Services

For more than 42 years, Tom has been providing litigation-oriented consulting expert engineering services to lawyers, insurance companies, automotive and truck tire retailers and service firms, truck lines, and other consultants. He specializes in tire failure analysis, tire sizing and application, automotive forensic and night photography, and vehicle accident reconstruction.

Tire Expert (Tire Engineer since 1978)

Tire Failure Analysis expert including: impact, puncture, abuse, overdeflection (overload/underinflation), improper repair, mounting damage, tire aging, manufacturing defects, etc..

Tire Applications expert including: tire size, load carrying capacity, speed rating, tire maintenance, tire inflation, tire mismatch, used tires, tire aging, tire replacement, tire placement, tire repair procedures, tire mounting, and rim size and width. Also may include inspecting and documenting all other tires on a vehicle.

Tire Photography expert including: large, clear, sharp, detailed, properly lit photographs; macro and micro photographs of tears, cuts, cracks, surfaces, foreign materials, and broken steel and fabric cords.

Forensic/Legal Photography Expert (Photographer since 1980, photography teacher since 2004)

Lab and on-site photographic documentation of tires, wheels, light bulbs, and other vehicle components; night photography to accurately demonstrate lighting conditions at accident or incident sites; product liability photography; accident site and facility documentation; accident vehicle documentation; and, macro and micro photography. Evaluate photographs produced by other parties, investigators, and experts.

Accident Reconstruction Expert (Accident Reconstruction Engineer since 1981)

Heavy truck, light truck, and passenger car collision analysis; analysis of ECM and HVEDR “black box” download reports; human factors analysis relating to driver behavior; accident site and vehicle inspection and photography.

Download current c.v. here: Tom Vadnais CV 2024-02