2024 Forensic Photography Symposium (FPS)

FPS 2024 Banner

From January 22 through 25, 2024, Eugene Liscio of ai2-3d Forensics (https://www.ai2-3d.com/) is hosting the third annual virtual International Forensic Photography Symposium (FPS 2024). It features an incredible variety of relevant, useful forensic photography topics from a diverse group experts in their fields.

In addition to the presentations, new this year will be several workshops in the morning sessions. Eugene asked me to conduct the first workshop on Photoshop techniques for forensic photography on Tuesday, January 23, 2024, from 10:00a to 12:00p (EST).

My workshop will include demonstrations of chromatic aberration correction, focus stacking, creating panoramas, and median stacking. We will also see how to bring out elements of the subject that are faint or may have faded over time.

We will then learn techniques for extracting additional details from your own or from supplied images from other sources. To wrap up, we will both apply these techniques to modifying images for exhibits, publications, or teaching, and see examples of improper manipulations.

Importantly, throughout the workshop, we’ll make sure that every step in every image will be preserved, can be reversed, and can be replicated by anyone else, without a single permanent, irrevocable adjustment being made.

All FPS presentations and workshops will be recorded and available to all registrants after the symposium. I’ve found this quite useful to review new, detailed, or complex ideas from presentations. This will be especially important for my workshop since we’ll be using a lot of techniques but won’t have the time to describe each one in great detail. With the videos, you’ll be able to try the techniques on your own images later.

All four days of presentations and workshops—along with the post-symposium videos—are offered for the incredibly low price of US$150 (US$75 for full time students).

Here is a link to the schedule and registration: https://www.ai2-3d.com/schedule-fps2024.