My YouTube Interview about Automotive Forensic Photography

On Thursday, April 1, 2021 (and, no, it wasn’t an April Fools joke), I had the honor of being interviewed by Eugene Liscio of ai2-3D  for his Forensics Talks YouTube channel.

Forensics Talks YouTube interview by Eugene Liscio

Here’s a link to the interview: Forensics Talks with Tom Vadnais.

For almost an hour, we talked about a wide range of topics related to tire, vehicle, and accident reconstruction photography. Among the subjects we discussed were the importance and use of a tripod, a polarizer, and flash. We also touched on both kinds of night photography and on post-processing.

I hope you will find the information we discussed useful. The interview also gives an idea of a couple of the topics which we demonstrate and discuss in depth in my SAE class which, by the way, will be resuming as in-person classes this year.

Here’s a link to that class: SAE C1729. I’ll post the dates of the new classes as soon as we finalize them.