Forensic Photography Symposium – 2nd Annual Virtual Symposium

Eugene Liscio of ai2-3D Forensics ( honored me by requesting that I present again this year at his virtual International Forensic Photography Symposium. It is a fascinating assembly of worldwide forensic photographers from many disciplines. Not only were talks even outside my area interesting, I picked up ideas to explore for my own photography.

It is only US$120 for four days of interesting, useful presentations, plus breakout rooms and a chat-based Q&A.

If you can’t attend one or more of the sessions live, or if you want to revisit a presentation, you’ll have access to all sessions for two weeks after the symposium ends—all included in the price.

Here’s the link to the schedule and for registration:

My presentation this year will be on Thursday, January 16, 2023 from 10:00 – 11:00 am EDT. My topic will be on the many elements of perception, including how to best ensure that a viewer of a photograph—whether print or digital—will be at the proper viewing distance to see the image from the perspective point of the camera.

Hope to see you there!